Deliverable 1.1 Experiments for the characterization of motorcyclists’ kinematics behaviour


This deliverable is part of the Work Package (WP) 1 entitled "Experiments for the characterization of motorcyclists' kinematics behaviour". In WP1 experiments will be performed for the study of the rider and two wheelers kinematics, with target the creation of active numerical rider's models for the simulation of accidents; this deliverable describes the preparation of these experiments.

Two experiments will be performed with a specific motorcycle as the two-wheeler of study; however their protocol will be refined and will be ready to be applied to other motorcycle types and two-wheeler for the creation of their respective numerical rider models.

The first experiment "Real world experiment" concerns the study of the kinematics of the rider while driving a motorcycle under normal and accident avoidance conditions. A new motion capture device is in development and will be used for the capture of the rider's kinematics relative to the motorcycle.

The second experiment "Simulator experiment" concerns the study of the kinematics and driving behaviour of the rider in traffic, in normal, near accident and in pre crash conditions while "riding" a motorcycle simulator. At a first stage the motorcycle- rider kinematics from the "Real world experiment" will be used to tune the simulator's motion in order to make it more realistic. After this action the simulator experiments will be performed with the volunteers.e biofidelic simulation of accidents with multi-body and FE simulation software in WP2.